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  • To get a lot of coins playing cart surfer, try to fall multiple times. It will give you more time to play.
    • NOTE: Don't let yourself run out of lives though!

  • How to get the 1000 coin bonus on "Jet Pack Adventure". 
    • Go to the light house 
    • Go to the roof and go to the jet pack pack adventure game 
    • Go through the whole game without getting ANY coins whatsoever 
    • At the end, an icon will pop up, and tell you that you got the 1000 coin bonus!

This is what it will look like:

  • How to get the blue Viking helmet in the catalog:
    • Go to the gift shop and click on the catalog 
    • Find the hidden viking helmet by clicking on different things in the magazine. (sorry, i cant tell you where it is because it is different in every catalog!) 
    • Now, once you have found it, a little box will pop up showing the red viking helmet to you 
    • Now open it up 4 times, and a little box will show up, showing you the blue viking helmet. 
    • It will cost: 1200 coins
Good luck finding it!

  • This is how you get the 100 coin bonus in fishing:
    • Go to the ski lodge.
    • Go to the fishing game
    • Get through the whole game and get as many fish as you can
    • Once you see "Mullet" swimming at the bottom of the screen, catch you last fish and don't bring it to the surface.
    • For the last part, use the yellow fish to catch the mullet.
    • Once you finish, you will get an icon that says, "you have gotten the 100 coin bonus." Here is what it it will look like.

Video on how to do this:

Club Penguin Short Keys:

-If you are ever doing a mission and need the spy code, here it is. (Open this up in another window with club penguin still open.)

How to get secret items in catologs:
1. Go to the room that has the catalog you want in it
2. Open up the catalog
3. Move your mouse around the whole page for each page, until you see your mouse change to a hand.
4. Click on the place
5. You will see a secret item pop up! You have the choice to buy it, or "X" out!

Here is an example of what I mean: