For Parents

Hello Parents!

To tell you a little bit about Club Penguin Party, I want to assure your child's safety on this website. The thing that matters the most to me on this site, besides providing the most accurate updates, is to keep my viewers safe.

Here are some things that you should know about me!

1. I Have Always Read Other Club Penguin Blogs, And Thought It Was So Awesome How Someone Could Take Such Pride In Their Blogging. I Read My First CP Blog About 3-4 Years Ago, When I First Started Playing, And They Inspired Me So Much! I Continue To Learn Every Day, And Go On Club Penguin!

2. Another Thing That You Should Know, Is That I Want To Make This Site As Safe As Possible For Everyone, So If You Could, Please Tell Your Children Not To Put Any Personal Information In The Comments Or Chat/Forum. When My Parents First Told Me That I Could Have A Blog, They Made It Clear To Me That I Would Not Be Able To Put Any Personal Information On It. I Only Ask The Same Of You.

3. I Am In The Process Of Finding Live Moderators For This Website, So If You Have A Question, Or Comment, You Should Not Have To Wait Longer Than 1-2 Days For A Reply.

4. I Have The Authority To Ban People From My Chat. If Kids Are Reading This, Please Keep The Language And Talk Clean. If You Don't, You Could Possibly Be Banned From 1 hour, To Forever. Inappropriate Talk Includes Sexual Talk, Drug Talk, Or Bad Words.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This, And I Hope Your Child Has The Best Time They Could Have On This Website!


Club Penguin Party President