How to become an EPF Agent!

Hey penguins!

If you can't keep a penguins promise, don't continue reading this. But since you obviously did already, I'm going to tell you how to become an Elite Penguin Force agent! You may have seen clues, or talk of them throughout the island; but weren't they always just a myth? Nope. The EPF is a top secret agency that helps keep the island safe! You probably have heard of Herbert P. Bear, right? Well the Elite agents are the ones that keep him from doing evil. In this guide you will learn the best guide on becoming the best EPF agent you could be.

First start out by logging in and going to the book room, over the coffee shop. Then, click on the little book in the bottom right of your screen and your screen will turn into a book shelf. Go to the 2009-2010 yearbook, and flip to the jun page. You will see a picture of the "Everyday Phoning Faculty". Click on the "E", the "P", and the "F".

Then, check out the picture of the agent with the EPF phone. Click on the EPF phone, and this message will show up on your screen.

Awesome! Click "Go there", and you will show up at the Everyday Phoning Faculty. Now, follow the directions it tells you on the TV screen.

Then it will tell you to run as fast as you can from the green square to the red one. Go for it!

Then it will tell you to hide the best you can. First, go behind the left pillar that is closest to you.

Now throw a snowball at the camera to the left of the screen. This will block it's view!

Then, both cameras will scan the room, and neither one will be able to find you! Man, you're a pretty sneaky penguin! Now for the trap test. This one is actually pretty fun, because you get trapped in the cage, but now for long!

Throw a snowball at the control box!

Congratulations! You have completed the EPF test without any mistakes!

Nice job, agent! You have now become an Elite Penguin Force agent! Head on into that door, and you will find an awesome surprise... I would tell you, but after all, it is a secret, isn't it?

Waddle on!