Become A Ninja!

Hey guys! Check out this page for The Best Cheats On Becoming A Ninja!

How to become a ninja...

First of all, let's go over the basics for playing Card Jitsu!

Water Puts Out A Fire
(Water Beats Fire!)

Snow Freezes Water
(Snow Beats Water!)

Fire Burns Snow
(Fire Beats Snow)

To Win Card Jitsu, You Must have One Of Each Card, And They Must Be All Different Colors!

The Belts Go In This Order:

(From White To Black!)

To Earn Your White Belt, It Takes About 5-7 Wins.
To Earn Your Yellow Belt, It Takes About 6-8 Wins.
To Earn Your Orange Belt, It Takes About 8-10 Wins.
To Earn Your Green Belt, It Takes About 10-12 Wins.
To Earn Your Blue Belt, Its Takes About 13-15 Wins.
To Earn Your Red Belt, It Takes About 16-18 Wins.
To Earn Your Purple Belt, It Takes About 18-20 Wins.
To Earn Your Brown Belt, It Takes About 19-21 Wins.
Finally Your Black Belt It Takes About 25-27 Wins.

Now, The Most Important And Awesome Part Of The Whole Process Of Becoming A Ninja!

Once You Have Your Black Belt You Must Beat The Sensei...

To Do This, You Must Face The Sensei About 9-10 Times, To Wear Him Down.

Then, Once You Have Tired Him Out, He Will Start To Give In! And To Your Surprise...

Yay!!! Congratulations! You Are Now A Ninja, And Can Access The Ninja Hideout!

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