Club Penguin Banana Peel Pin Cheat

This week is pin week, meaning that this week Club Penguin hides a new collectible pin, somewhere around the island. Most of us know Club Penguins routine, that we must wait two weeks for a new pin to release. Anyways, Club Penguin’s newest pin has the file name ‘Banana Peel’. Read below on where and how to find Club Penguin's newest pin.
Club Penguin’s newest pin named ‘Banana Peel Pin’ is located a the Coffee Shop, which you can enter via the Town. Then, on the red sofa closest to the door, you should see a banana peel. Waddle over to it, and you then have the option to receive the Banana Peel pin or not.
What are your thoughts about this new pin? Have you received it yet? Let us know your thoughts and opinions, in a comment below.

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