New Log Off Screen 2012

Today, while logging on to Club Penguin to check for updates, I decided to log off after I didn't see any improvement, but I noticed something when I logged off. There was a new log off screen of Cadence telling us to "Watch 4 my moves Thursday" cause of the new party starting July 19 (next Thursday) relating to the new Newspaper article saying she will perform a big show with the Penguin Band and she will sing her new song, "The Party Starts Now,":

I personally like the design, it kind of reminds me of a Halloween design Club Penguin did a while back. One thing I would change is the Green puffle and turn it into Cadence's "diva" puffle, Lolz. Anyways, do you like the design? Share in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

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