Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Cheats

The Music Jam, now formally known as the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam has finally struck the Island this Thursday including special guests, CeCe, Rocky, Cadence and the well known Penguin Band. The party will rock the Island with music until July 31 so make sure not to miss any of the events going on!

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam Cheats - Video Guide

This video recaps all of the party cheats that is currently going on at the Ultimate Jam party that was uploaded on to the Youtube channel, MrFoshizzel01. Don't forget to subscribe!

Every 20 minutes at the Epic Show which is specifically located at the Snow Forts, Cadence will perform on the stage with her single, "The Party Starts Now" along with the Penguin Band. You can even earn Cadence's and the rest of Penguin Band's stamps when they perform but unfortunately you can obtain their background or add them as a friend and have them in your buddy list.

Tracking Tips - Finding Cadence, Rocky & CeCe

Cadence, Rocky and CeCe like to chill at the Backstage (or V.I.P) lounge inside of the Epic Show stadium located at the Snow Forts. To be able to access the Backstage you have to become a member. Note: ask parents permission first if you want a membership as it does require money or other sequences. Rocky and CeCe like to check out other things around the Island such as going in the rooms, Cove, Forest, Mine Shack, Rooftop, Night Club, Backstage, Epic Show & the Snow Forts. 

What's the best room in your opinion at the Ultimate Jam? Let us know in the comment section below.

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