Club Penguin Times Issue #351

Club Penguin has released a new issue of the very famous Club Penguin Times Newspaper today giving us more information about the party as it draws closer and closer. In the first article it talks about Cadence getting set to perform a concert at the Ultimate Jam with the famous Penguin Band and a couple of her friends, Cece & Rocky. Note that we don't know when and where they will perform until further notice when the date actually comes.

The second article talks about the official countdown until the party will be released, July 19. This article is submitted by Cadence and she, Rocky, and Cece are putting stages up everywhere around the Island. She also talks about for members that you can grab a V.I.P. pass and come chill with her in the Backstage!

And last but not least we have the Upcoming Events. Here's what is coming up on the Island.

On now! - Igloo Catalog - Featuring the latest and greatest igloo design, an abandoned warehouse!

On now! - Furniture Catalog - Time to jam! Set up your own dance studio  with new Igloo Furniture. Do it!

July 19: Music! Dance! Videos! Stars! Prepare for the ULTIMATE Jam!

There's also a new pin hidden around the Island to collect. But don't go scavenger hunting because we have the location in our next post! So stay tuned! So what do you think about the upcoming party? Share in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

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