Club Penguin Upcoming Items

Today, I was able to find two new upcoming items. This items are most likely to be released during this years Music Jam since they are music related. These items are very unique, and I hope they aren't that expensive.

This first item is very common in real life, and it's beeing brought to Club Penguin. This item is called the "saxophone". Below, you can check out a picture.
This second item is related to a common item, which is released every year in the music Jam. This item is called "Purple Boom Box" Check out an image below.

I really like the saxophone. In my opinion, the boom box is very colorful, and doesn't look that good. What do you think about this items? I do hope they are released during this years Music Jam, which comes to the island this July. Let us know your thoughts on the comments below.

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