Club Penguin Times Issue #348

Club Penguin has released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times. This is the 348th issue, and it mainly talks about the Super Hero Party, the current party on Club Penguin. The two topics in this week's article mainly talks about the continues showdown, and citizens standing up to super villains.

This topic was submitted by Aunt Arctic, and mainly talks about the showdown during the Super Hero Party continuing. Aunt Arctic is trying to persuade penguins to destroy the Destructobot. She also includes it's getting intense.

Yet again, the next topic was submitted by Aunt Arctic. In this topic, she mainly talks about on how citizens are standing up to super villains, and are catching some. Many thieves have been taken to jail, including the fact the the CPPD and pizza chefs were able to help. Crime is down 10% this week, but it went up 5000% last week.

Lastly, like every issue of the Club Penguin Times has, are the upcoming events. Below, you can view this week's upcoming events.

  • June 28 - Fireworks
  • June 28 - New Pin
  • July 5 - Squidzoid Attacks
  • July 5 - Penguin Style Catalog
What are your thoughts about this new issue of the Club Penguin Times? Let us know your thoughts and answers, in a comment below.

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