Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2012 Cheats and Walkthrough

Hey penguins!

The Earth Day party has rolled into the island! This year, it's really only two rooms that have to do with the party. The main room is the snow forts! Here, it's all decorated with everything ummm... EARTH related! xD

Cool, huh? I really like the mountains in the background where you can take the path to the ice rink.

The next thing, is if you look in the bottom right corner, you can click on the little piece of paper. This brings up a new catalog! Check it out!

Above the catalog, (not pictured above, the image was cut off), you can click on the different animals to hear more about them. (These are the animals that we helped last year when we raised money with Coins for Change!)

The second room, I guess isn't really "decorated", as much as it just has a free item! But hey, free items are fine with me! ;D

To get the item, head on over to the plaza or the town and walk over to the box of safari hats.

Nice... And that's about it!

Have fun waddling around the island and helping the earth! :-)

Waddle on!



  1. COOL! first comment!
    Yah i really like the wildlife thing to!
    i think its super fun!
    if you want you can add me on clubpenguin
    my name is Amby002
    cya around! :D

    1. Cool! :)

      Waddle on!



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