Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #327!

Hey penguins!

On Friday, Club Penguin updated with the new newspaper! Lot's of cool things are going to be going on! Plus, have you noticed that club penguin is TIPPING?!

Well I guess you would know that. I mean that's why we are having the underwater expedition! :D Speaking of the expedition...

Well, looks like Rookie's working really hard to fix the island! Did you know that you can find him this time around? So cool! If you want to find him and add him as your buddy, you have a pretty good chance of finding him with my friend Monchocho's tracker! Click here to check it out!

Also, going on around the island, there is a fashion show that will be coming to the gift shop on February 2nd!

Also happening on February 2nd, the new penguin style catalog is coming out! Be sure to check back here then for the cheats!

Well penguins, what did you think about this week's newspaper? Lots of stuff is for sure going on! Let us know what you think by making a comment!

Waddle on!


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