Club Penguin Holiday Party Cheats and Walkthrough December 2011

Hey penguins!

The holiday party has rolled in yet again this year! I love this party! I have to say, it really is one of my favorite parties throughout the whole year. So, without further ado, let's get this walkthrough going!

First, check out the coins for change booths all over the island! If you are a fairly new penguin, Coins for Change is an option for all penguins to donate their coins, which will then be turned into real money after the party! How cool is that?! :D Club Penguin has raised millions so far doing so.

Also, go to the forest to get some free presents! Each day you are allowed another one! (Kind of like Hanukah!)

You can get things like free hats and pins! Cool, huh?! :D

Then click on the little sign on the right side of the screen, and head to Santa's Sleigh! From here you deliver presents to all of the igloos, and once you finish, you are rewarded with an ornament costume!

Well penguins, do you like the party?

Waddle on!


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