Reviewed By You: Happy Halloween!

Hey penguins!

Did everyone enjoy Halloween? Well Happy77 is here to give us a little treat!

Greetings Penguins! Happy77 here. Hope everyone's having a Happy Halloween! The team's been busy catching bugs and ghosts while munching on candy at the office today. ;)Remember our last Reviewed by You blog, where Billybob asked you to describe the weirdest Halloween puffle hat you could think of? Well, we picked one comment from each language, and an artist drew all four of them! On the English blog, Aguon1 had this idea:
My idea would be: a spider puffle hat. It would be brown and it would have the legs and the head on it. It would have the eyes on it the would be big and gloomy. It should also have a buggy mouth on it and have black stripes on the legs.blog_111031_EN.jpgIn French, Gopinoo had this clever idea:
For me, the spookiest puffle hat ever would be a hat in the shape of a jellyfish but with snakes instead of tentacles. Waddle on!blog_111031_FR.jpgIn Portuguese, Elvis524 left a suggestion that I thought was quite fabulous:
I guess the best Halloween hat would be something like a mountain with trees and the Living Sled on top!blog_111031_PT.jpgIn Spanish, Layla6765 made this amazingly creative suggestion:
The most terrifying puffle hat would be weird but creepy. It would be a mixture of a witch hat and a zombie hat with a unicorn or Pegasus horn to make it silly. The result would be a witch hat with gears and scars and a horn on the top. It would be funny to add stars to the horn.blog_111031_ES.jpg
You had so many wacky creative ideas! Thanks for all your fun suggestions, everyone. :)

Speaking of puffles... As you may have heard, we're launching a brand new game in the Pet Shop very soon: PufflescapeSo for this Reviewed by You, I'm curious... What's your favorite Club Penguin game to play with your puffle?

I'll pick one of your comment to feature on our next Reviewed by You. If your comment is featured, you'll get a 10,000 coin prize added to your account. 
-Club Penguin Team
These puffle hats looks really cool! I love the creativity and originality. What do you like best about these puffle hats?


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