New Club Penguin Field Ops #53 Cheats!

Hey penguins!

A new Field Op has arrived! First, report to the EPF Command Center and read the message Gary has for you at the Field Op Board.

"Happy Halloween agents! As the island is still secure, Jet Pack Guy has arranged a special Field-Op. He has hidden a device inside of a pumpkin that looks like its wearing shades. Find the device, and shut it down."
Pretty simple orders, right? Well head on over to the Night Club and stand next to the pumpkin.

Your spy phone light will begin to turn green and you can start completing your Field-Op! Here is what you will get when you are done.

"Nice work agent! Looks like you were easily up to that challenge. Things are pretty quiet with Herbert in hibernation. I wonder what the future holds for the EPF. Anyways, enjoy the party. Jet Pack Guy out."
Did this guide kinda help you complete this week's Field Op? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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