*CLOSED* Club Penguin Sensei Tracker and Finder November 2011

Hey Penguins!

It's that time of year again, and it is time to track Sensei! Sensei has arrived just for the Car-Jitsu party this year, and we are going to help you find him! Use the chat below to help find him! We have had much success in the past with chatting with other penguins to find a certain mascot! However, it only works if we have a lot of penguins on the chat at once, so be sure to tell your friends. If you have a Twitter, just click this button below!

--  "Hey penguins! Come help track Sensei with me and my friends! Together, we WILL find Sensei! http://ClubPenguinParty.com @Shringo"

So penguins, please use this chat below, and FOLLOW THE RULES! :)

  • NO Cursing will be tolerated. The moment I know that you cursed, you will be banned.
  • NO calling names. Bullying is terrible, the last thing we need is bulling on a Club Penguin chat. If you do, you will be banned.
  • ALWAYS HAVE FUN!! Just have fun with it, penguins! :D

Sensei Tracking Tips:

  1. Sensei likes to move around a lot! He's usually found in the Dojo, but you will notice that he hops servers almost every minute. So be fast!
  2. When looking in rooms to try and find him, look in the 'Users in Room' list. This is because he will probably be crowded with other penguins!
  3. Sensei can usually be found in more than 1 server. 
  4. Like Rockhopper, Sensei actually likes crowded servers. You can find him on popular servers, such as Yukon, Mammoth, and Frozen.
  5. You may find Sensei wearing different items, such as his fire or water ninja suit.
Good luck penguins! Happy Tracking!


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