Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party Cheats and Walkthrough November 2011

Hello Penguins!

So, would ya look at that? The Card-Jitsu party just came to the island! In this party anybody can be a ninja! Without any more wait, let's get to these cheats!

First, head on over to the Town, and get your free Fire Ninja mask! By the way, don't you think the town is really well decorated? I think it's cool!

Then, get your water mask from the plaza!

Then, go to the dock or cove and go into the cave! Choose your side, hit your color targets, and collect your suit if you win! 

Well penguins, I think this is pretty exciting! It's the very first Card-Jitsu party, and I really like it. There aren't too many items or cheats, but there's a bunch of different games and what not!

Have fun waddlin' around and checking out the rest of the island!

Waddle on!

See ya around CP!


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