Club Penguin Halloween Party Cheats October 2011

Hey Penguins!

Recently, Club Penguin released their annual Halloween Party! I really like the Halloween party, because it's a time when you can get together with your buddies, hang out, and get a little spooky! Well, without any more random talk from me, let's get to the cheats!

First of all, check out the island!

It's all very spooky, and according to Club Penguin, it's the creepiest Halloween party yet!

So, first, you'll want to click on the little poster by your chat bar, and click go there! Then enter the Haunted house ➝ mansion, and walk up the stairs to the box with the ghost costumes!

Then, if you enter the Haunted Chamber, you will have to look at the rocks in front of the door and see them spew the different colors. Then, remember the order, and enter it on the keyboard!

Then, once you enter the doors, use your flashlight or free lantern that lights the way!

Then go through the maze and find your way out! Once you are out, you will get into a room that's filled with candy and goo! Yikes!!! Check out the Monster Maker catalog and, and pick up your free goo costume!

Congratulations! You have walked through the whole Halloween party cheats guide! Be sure to waddle around and check out the other rooms as well! 

Waddle on!


ALSO: A lot of features in the Halloween party require a membership. I am giving a bunch of Club Penguin memberships out! Click here to figure out how you can get one!

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