Special Update from Billybob

Hey penguins!

Today Billybob has shared with us a new video about the new updates that are soon coming to Club Penguin! In the video, he mentions about an UNLIMITED BUDDY LIST feature, the 6th Club Penguin Anniversary Party, and more! Now check out this video:

Cool huh? The animations in this video are pretty cool and it looks like Lane is really excited! I can't wait for the Halloween Party, the 6th Anniversary Party, and the new buddy list feature! I am especially excited about the Anniversary Party because the party hats will soon become super rare in a couple of years! Are you excited for the new features that are coming to Club Penguin? Tell us in the comments!


Note from Shringo: Don't you think it looks exactly like how Ray William Johnson makes his videos? With the wall and everything. Very similar... What do you think? (Ray William Johnson may not be suitable/appropriate for some viewers)

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