Club Penguin's New App 'Launches' Up Ranks in The App Store!

Hey penguins!

With all the heat of the first Club Penguin App coming out recently, I decided to check it out in the App Store, figuring it must be pretty popular! Well, my prediction was right, because in the first 3 days of release, the App skyrocketed to number four in most popular! That's out of the whole USA!

How cool is that? The rank keeps switching back and forth, but the general area is around 3-5. But on the first day, it started out at 11! BIG improvement CP! Lately, maybe I had the slightest hint that you weren't trying to hard, but there ya go; another HUGE success. :D

Well penguins, did you get the app? If so, did you like it? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Waddle on!


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