Club Penguin Room Tutorial and Walkthrough

Hey Penguins!

If you're new to Club Penguin, and you don't know where to go, or if you have been around the island for while, and just want to learn, you are in the right place. This page will tell you all about the different rooms around the island!


The Town was one of the very first rooms Club Penguin created, along with the Coffee Shop, the Gift Shop, and the Night Club. The Town is usually where your penguin starts off when you log in. It's a very recognizable place; as almost every penguin on the island knows about it.

  • Coffee Shop:
    • The Coffee Shop is a very popular little cafe to go to with your friends to just relax, get some coffee, or even work there yourself. As a matter of Fact, the first Club Penguin party, the beta test party for when Club Penguin just started, was held there!

  • The Book Room
    • You can get to the book room by going up the stairs in the coffee shop. In the book room, feel free to play mancala with some friends. You can also look at past Club Penguin year books and other stories.

  • The Night Club
    • You can get to the Night Club by waddling over to it from the town. You can come here to have a party with your friends, or to be a DJ at DJ3K. :D

  • The Lounge
    • Similar to the Book Room, you can get to the lounge by going up some stairs that will be to the right of your screen. Simply click on the stairs and you will be in the lounge. Personally, I really like the lounge because you can see other penguins that are in the night club below through a glass skylight thing. Plus, you can play a bunch of old fashion style games. :D
  • The Plaza

  • The Pet Shop
    • In the plaza, you can go to 6 different places! The first I will talk about is the Pet Shop. Honestly, the pet shop is probably one of the most fun and friendly places around the island. In the pet shop, you can get your own puffle! *Fact: Did you know that you are allowed to have a total of 16 puffles just for yourself?* Also, you can play puffle launch from here! In puffle launch, you shoot puffles from cannons and collect coins!

  • The Stage
    • At the stage, there is usually a new play going on every month. Some of my past favorites were Squidzoid, and Ruby and the Ruby! (PS: Check out my own personal version of it on youtube! xDDD Click Here! 

  • The Pizza Parlor
    • At the pizza parlor, you can sit down to get a slice to eat, or play Pizzatron! You can also be a chef if you have the special pizza apron and hat!
  • The Cave
    • The cave is sometimes called the pool. But why? Well, because there's a pool there! Check it out:
  • The Boiler Room
    • The boiler room can be entered through the cave. See that green door in the picture above? Yeah, go through that. :D The boiler room is where you can look at newspapers from previous weeks. 

  • The Forest
    • Another room that can be accessed through the plaza is the forest. There's not much to do in the forest, but it does lead to the cove.
  • The Cove
    • The cove is a great place to go hang out with your buddies, surf, or get warmed up by the fire! To surf, go over to the little shack on the right side of the screen, and you will get to play Catchin' Waves!
  • The Snow Forts
    • The last room you can enter from the plaza, is the snow forts! I can't show you what they look like regularly at the moment because the Earth Day party is going on, but usually there is snow forts set up where you can have some awesome snowball fights!
  • The Ice Rink
    • From the snow forts, you can go to the Ice Rink. At the ice rink, you can play some hockey and root for your favorite team!
To be continued...


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  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    shringo is there a way you can play Club Penguin on your IPad without having to give people your email? By th way I love your website!

    1. No way to do that yet! And what do you mean by giving people your email? Be careful who you give that do. Like, make sure the site is legit. Oh, and thanks! :D

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