Club Penguin Fall Fair 2011 Walkthrough and Cheats!

Hey penguins!

Today the Fall Fair has arrived! There are tons of cool games to play and a new puffle act at the 'Great Puffle Circus' is available to watch! You can earn tons of tickets to unlock cool prizes! Let's get started, shall we?

The Fall Fair is really fun because you get to unlock cool prizes and Club Penguin's favorite pirate penguin, Rockhopper visits the island!

To earn prizes, all you have to do is to earn tickets while playing games. Here is a list of all the games that is available during the Fall Fair:

  • Puffle Soaker-Located in the Bonus Game Room
  • Balloon Pop- Located in the Bonus Game Room
  • Spin To Win- Dock
  • Ring The Bell- Dock
  • Puffle Paddle- Dock
  • Memory Card Game-Forest
  • Feed A Puffle- Cove
There are 2 available prize booths during the Fall Fair. The first is Nonmember and Member, as shown below. 

The second prize booth is Members only and much cooler items!

There are also a few hidden items! Click here to view them. Here is a tip for all of the tickets you have earned on games:

This will be very useful once you have earned a bunch of tickets. And by the way, click here for a Ticket Cheat!
Now, if you want to get a free Fall Fair background go to the Ski Village and click on the camera on the ground! :D

Also, visit the Forest to go to the Great Puffle Circus! There sure are some great puffle acts here!

Finally, Rockhopper is on Club Penguin and he has some cool items on his ship! Take a look:

Well that's pretty much the Fall Fair! Are you going to have fun? Tell us in the comments!


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