Club Penguin App - Puffle Launch Review and Pictures!

Hey Penguins!

So, I know I haven't posted in a few days, but I came back with some awesome news... The Puffle Launch App is finally RELEASED!

That's right, for months now, Club Penguin has been talking about releasing their app, and finally, they have! The day they released it, I bought it! It is now in the App Store for just 99 cents! Well, how about some pictures?

If you want to, you can click that little penguin in the bottom right corner to connect your online penguin to  The Puffle Launch app, and it will automatically transfer the coins that you earn in the app, to your online account.

"Well Shringo, how's the game itself?" Well, it's REALLY fun! Here's some pictures:

Cool, huh? I will soon have a page released for how to play this game, and also give you all of the cheats for it!

Have fun, and remember to ask your parents before you buy this game!

Waddle on!


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