Club Penguin New Newsletter!

Hey Penguins!

So, if you have signed up your penguin with your own email, you will have already seen thus, but if not, that's what I'm here for! Club Penguin sent out a new Newsletter to all of the parents, (mostly kids because most kids make their penguin with their own email!) and it's VERY cool this month!

So, the last one is mostly just for the parents, but the first two are really interesting! The first one is talking about a brand new level of System Defender! That should be awesome, considering we havent had a System Defender mission in SUCH a long time!
The second caption is talking about a new party coming in August! For you semi-old penguins, you may remember how the had the mountain expedition last August. Well, this August, I guess they had a similar 'snow' idea in mind, because they are having a 'Snow Race' Party!

What do you think of all of these ideas? Leave me a comment and tell me!

But until next time...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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