Club Penguin Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with the Club Penguin Team!

Hey penguins!

So, let me just start out with a question. Did you know Club Penguin had a YouTube channel, other than Happy77's? I didn't! They must have hid it from everyone because they wanted it to be perfect before they released it.

Anyway, as I was checking in on Twitter yesterday, my friend FroBro98, (my bro with a fro! Haha) pointed out this video that Club Penguin posted! (That's how I found out about their channel!)

Wow! That's more than I think Club Penguin has EVER released about the real life staff! Even though some may think this was super cheesy, (which it was!) I thought it was also very helpful. Because I love designing graphics, I got to see little parts of how they do it! However, when they talked about the testers, that test new things before they are released, I thought that was a little sketchy. I mean, they obviously have to train the testers better, or get more testers, because there are TONS of glitches on Club Penguin! Especially lately, don't you think so?

Anyway, what did you think about this video? Let me know in the comments!

Waddle on!


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