Club Penguin: Black Out?

Hey penguins!

So, recently my buddy Matthew722 pointed something out to me. Have you seen the last post on this site? If you haven't, it has the video of all of the behind the scenes footage in the Club Penguin headquarters. In the middle of the video, Emma (a main writer for Club Penguin) showed us a HUGE sneak peak! In the background of where she was talking, it showed her newest writing piece...

Operation Black Out? What the heck! Herbert is always up to something, it turns out. If you can see the text, which is extremely hard to read, it says:
(Herbert) You Penguins Will never see the light of day!
(Rookie) You will never get away with this Herbert!
Hmmm... This is super interesting. Well penguins, be sure to keep your eyes peeled, and make sure you carry around a flashlight just in case... :D
Waddle on!


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