How to Play Thin Ice on Club Penguin

Hey penguins!

On this page, I will be giving a tutorial on how to play "Thin Ice" on Club Penguin! Let's get it started, yeah! (Black eyed peas reference? Anyone?)

To get to this game, go to the Night Club, and then go upstairs. Once you are there, you will see three games: Astro Barrier, Bits and Bolts, and Thin Ice! Waddle on over to Thin Ice by clicking on it, and click "Yes" to play. You will then arrive at a screen that gives you one option, and that option is "Play". Click it!

The goal of this game is to get to the red square at the end of the level. You are melting ice as you go, so one you go to one spot, you cannot go there again because it's melted!

You get the most points by removing all of the ice in one level. Use this example that they gave you in the game instructions:

ALSO, on blocks of ice that look like this:

You can go over it twice!

You now know how to play "Thin Ice"! Have fun!

Have a great day! Waddle on!

And as always,

See ya around CP!


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