Club Penguin EPF: New Spy Phone Messages! (June 7th)

Hey penguins!

Today, we got two new messages on our Elite Spy Phones. Check it out:

Herbert: GRR! You penguins have no idea how to build a proper bot! Your Hydra-bot broke down after being blown up only a few thousand times. CURSES! 
Gary: We did it! That means both Herbert and Protobot have been defeated. For the first time in a year, we have peace on the island. Well done! 
Haha, so it looks like he is mad at us, because we didn't help him in HIS evil plans! Ahh Herbert, you're so silly. Also, it seems G thinks there's Peace on the island... I don't know about that. Herbert is always up to something, so as I always say, stay on the look out agents!

Waddle on!


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