Herbert Attacks the EPF Building AGAIN?!!

Hey Penguins!

There's chaos all around the island right now as penguins begin to realize that Herbert has struck again! Remember about a year ago, how Herbert attacked the sports shop, and then after a while they turned it into a EPF headquarters?  Well Herbert took that down too!

AGH! Herbert, you're always up to something... But agents, as always, it's our job to stop him! Walk through the construction. (You have to be an EPF agent to do this. See the EPF guide for how to be one!) Once you get there, Herbert will have one of his long, boring lectures about something that nobody cares about, and revenge and blah, blah, blah. Click through it, and then take down the Hydras from the Medieval Party that Herbert made into big fighting robot things. Here's how to fight off each one:
  • Red Hydra: Throw snowballs at it, generally aim for the mouth, and avoid the yellow lighting up squares. They indicate where he will strike next.
  • Yellow Hydra: This one is is a little bit tricky, but all you have to do is put on the armor, (you may not need it, but hey, why not?) and when he is about to shoot flames out of his mouth, waddle over to the green part of the yellow lit-up section. Then after he hits you, it will reflect back at him, and will bring down his strength.
  • Blue Hydra: For this one, throw a snowball at the fire machine thing floating on top of him right when it goes over him. This will pour lava and fire all over him!
Once you have finished with that, you will get an opportunity to get a dragon hat! Pick it up!

Congratulations! You have defeated Herbert once again!

Waddle on!


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