Club Penguin Medieval Nights Quest #2 Cheats and Walkthrough!

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted this earlier, but I've been pretty busy with school, as well as designing something new for the site...! It's going to be great, and I hope you all enjoy it. Anyway, recently, the Medieval Party has rolled into the island, with a whole lot of nights, princesses, and of course, quests! Let's begin with the Medieval Nights Quest #1!

Medieval Nights Quest #2
To complete this quest, you need the will, and flippers to do it. Be a brave penguin! Haahaha sorry...

Step one:

Log in, and head on over to the pool! You will see, it is completely changed around! It's kind of strange seeing that the poll, has no pool... HAHAHAHAHA! Waddle on over to the Night's Quest #2:

Now, you will come to a new room. Walk through the door you see straight ahead!

You see, this is where Club Penguin confuses me sometimes! It's saying that you need to solve a puzzle first, but you don't have to! Press the red button next to the puzzle, and walk through the gateway it opens up!

Walk over to the box of things in the new room. 

Sure CP! That looks like a nice 'Undefined'. (LOL FAIL)

Moving on, go on ahead, and follow the bridges all the way to the doorway.

Fill up the barrel with snowballs, and click the green button on the top of the cannon when the  dragon opens it's mouth. Once you have finished, the gate will open, and you go to a new room! You have an option to get a toothbrush pin, and free gold! 

Congratulations! You have completed the Ye Medieval Nights Quest #2! 

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