Club Penguin Field Op #44 Cheats and Walkthrough

Hey penguins!

Yesterday, Club Penguin updated with their annual weekly Field-Op! As always here on Club Penguin Party, I will give you all of the best cheats for it. Take a look!

First, pick up you spy phone, as it will be blinking red, and go to the command room. Now walk over to the Field-Ops Station.

Herbert has transmitted us Protobot's and Test Bots' current location - in the woods north of the cove. Move into position, and take them offline. Use tactical H20 cannons, which are only dangerous to robots.

Woah, woah, WOAH... Herbert? What is going on with you lately? Are you on our side? Setting up a trap? Erg... You got me confused... Whatever it is, it seems a little fishy. Let's do the rest of the Field Op first.

Head on over to the cove:
Then click on your Spy Phone,  (blinking green) and check it out! It's a new game!

It's not super hard, but it's definitely a little tricky to get good at. Have you ever played the game Battleship? It's kind of like that! Just click a number that lines up with one of the enemies, and then click a number on the bottom that lines up with the same one! Like this:

 And once you complete it....

Woot! Take that Protobot! We defeated you, yet again. With Herbert's help of course- but that reminds me; what is Herbert up to? Is he actually turning good? Or is he setting up a huge trap for us to fall into? Let me know in the comments!

But until next time,

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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