Club Penguin Medieval Nights Quest #1 Cheats and Walkthrough!

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted this earlier, but I've been pretty busy with school, as well as designing something new for the site...! It's going to be great, and I hope you all enjoy it. Anyway, recently, the Medieval Party has rolled into the island, with a whole lot of nights, princesses, and of course, quests! Let's begin with the Medieval Nights Quest #1!

Medieval Nights Quest #1
To complete this quest, you need the will, and flippers to do it. Be a brave penguin! Haahaha sorry...

Step one:

Log in, and head on over to the town. (Very awesomely decorated too!) Click on the sign to the bottom left of your screen, and this should pop up on your screen:

Click go there, and once you're there, you may choose to either use the directions posted, use mine, or use both! Hehe...

Waddle to where you see I am in the picture. You will go to the Orb Room. You have to stand on all of the platforms, and light the Orbs, like so:

Now you will get to a room full of targets. Hit them 50 times. While you're there, pick up a free shield!
Now go through the door, and you will come to a room with a different paths. This maze is much easier than last years, because last year, you had to find with way to go by yourself! This time, just follow the yellow light up arrows!

Once you finish, you come to an AMAZING ROOM!! Check it out...

Walk up to where my penguin is standing, and get your night's suit!

Congratulations on completing the Medieval Nights Quest #1!

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