Earthday Party 2011!

Hey all!

Today, the island was decorated with all different decorations including ones for Earth Day, and Easter! I will soon talk about Easter in my next post, but right now I'll give you the cheats for the Earth Day Party!

So, pretty much the Earth Day party is a chance to let all of us penguins participate in helping the environment, and learn more about animals, plants, and how we can help. To celebrate this, we of course have our free item! Go to the plaza, and you'll see a box of hats. Waddle on over to it, and you will receive it!

Then go on over to the dock, and check out the little sign by the water! Click on it, and it will show you this:

Lastly, go back to the plaza, and click on the little signs on the hut.

Well penguins, that's about it for the Earth Day party! Have fun waddling around, and checking all of it out for yourselves!

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!



  1. i'd like to point out that the snow cat is actually at the snow forts!!!!
    :) :)


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