About the Elite Penguin Force

Heyoo Penguins!

You may hear penguins around the island talking about how they are an EPF Agent, or how they are completing missions, or something else that sounds suspicious. Well, chances are, they are talking about the EPF. 

What is the EPF?
  • The EPF used to be the PSA. (Penguin Secret Agency) Yeah, yeah, I know it's cheesy, but hey, that's Club Penguin for ya. For some reason, a few years back, CP decided to change the name to "The Elite Penguin Force". What used to be the ski shop is now the "Everyday Phoning Faculty". Get it? Everyday Phoning Faculty?
  • Anyway, towards the beginning of the EPF, Herbert P. Bear, Club Penguin's main villain filled the ski shop with popcorn as a result of one of his plans gone wrong. That is how the Everyday Phoning Faculty came to be.
Any other questions? If you have any more, please leave a comment on this post of what you would like to see that is not already on the site! :)

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