New Puffle Playercard Features!

Hey all!

So, recently, if you logged on and began to play with your puffle, you will have found a wonderful surprise! They have updated it's so called player card! The reason I don't call it a player card anymore, is because it's a brand new interactive experience! Check this out:

Yes, "Wazzup?!" is my puffle's name... Hehe... Anyway, isn't that cool?! You can flip through your puffles toys and food and materials too! Just take one of the things from the top of the "Player Card" and drag it to your puffle! Like so:

Then, it will exit the interactive place, and you'll see you puffle doing whatever you told it to do! Another cool part of this feature, is that you don't have to buy things every time you want to give it to them! You can just stock up on stuff before hand!

Now, I have a feeling a lot of you will like this. There is a section that gives you a bunch of different options of what to do with your puffle! You can check out a certificate that proves that you bought your puffle, and that it's yours to keep! It also gives you a chance to return your puffle to the wild. It may seem sad, but I would rather that then having him run away! Wouldn't you?

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this feature! I think it's awesome! It's taking playing with your puffle to a whole new level! 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 

But until next time...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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