Puffle Party Ultimate Guide!

Hey all! As you may have seen recently as you logged into Club Penguin, the Puffle Party has started! It will be from the 18-27th! Cool, right?! As you can see as you go through the different rooms, you will see that CP really went "all out" in decorating! I love it! Especially the town:

Cool, huh?! Then if you click on the sign on the bottom right corner, it will take you to the ski village, where you can then watch the puffle show! (Sorry non-members!)

Check it out! (PS: If you bring your puffle, you too can have your puffle go through the course!)

Then, head on over to the snow-forts, and go into the pathway under the "Puffle Feeding" sign! WOOT! My favorite game! Pretty much the object of the game is to through Puffle-Berries into the puffle's mouths! (Press "T", and then aim!)

Now for the good stuff! Go to the Plaza, and pick up your FREE new puffle hat!

This next part is cool, too! Check it, so you know the box dimension?! Well if you don't, here is your change to find out! Head on over to the beach, and waddle on over to the boxes!

I'll let you see what's inside... :P Hehe... Anyway, cool party in total, Huh?! I love it! Drop me a comment, and tell me what you think! :D

See ya around CP!


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