Party Review!


Ya know why I said that?! 'Cause I am so happy right now! I just finished my party, and it was a huge success! I'd have to say the best part was having 33 people in a room at once! It was unreal! Here is a tour of how it went:

We started off at the Snow Forts, where 25 people arrived! I unfortunately was not able to take a picture for this room, but here is a picture of the Ski hill, where we headed next!

Cool, right?! It was so awesome! We did some Sled Racing where I only won twice! Hehe... But it was still awesome!

Then When we were just about to move to the dojo, my fans gave back!

Thanks guys!  After the ski hill, we went on over and played some card-jitsu! 

(Not many people had showed up before I took the picture!) Lastly we went to the Dance Club!

There, I sent out some postcards to all the penguins that came! 

Well, in total, I was VERY pleased with the outcome, because it was the most success I've had out of all of my parties! Here is some feedback I got from some of my friends on twitter:

Flupple: Awesome!

CPJon0110: It was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fredfan4ever: It was epic!


Keylime244: EPIC party! There were so many people there! ;D

But, until next time...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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