Wilderness Expedition Here at the Island!

Hey all!

If you have logged in to Club Penguin fairly recently, you will have realized the Wilderness Expedition is HERE! It seems really fun so far! Here, check out the walkthrough:

If you go to the town, you'll realize that there's a sign! Click on it:

Once you have clicked "Go there", you will get to the dock! Walk through, past the arrow:

Now walk over to the box of hats, and you'll receive one!

Now click on the little note sitting next to it:

I'm guessing we have to follow the parts and bolts! SO why don't we do so?

Click on this part:

Then this one:

Then this one:


Then this one:

Then this one:

Then this one:

Next, you will have to turn right at the intersection. After you have done that, you will see a new room! It's a cliff! On the cliff, is a very strange contraption! Here is how to get it to work:

First, plug it in:

(Click on the wire!)

Now click the coffee pot:

Then click it again. After you have clicked it the second time... Click it... AGAIN!! Now click the little green button that lit up when the coffee poured in!

Then pull the pink lever:

Then blue:

Then click these buttons in the order they light up:

(Yellow goes first!)

Now pull this blue lever:

Now click the piano keys in the order they light up:

Then click them again once the fire burns out. After you have done that, click this green button:

Then all of the solar panel squares:

Then pull both of the levers:

Then click the turner thing: xD

Then the puller:

Then the hot sauce:

The the water jug:

Then the vent:

Then the toaster:

Then the target until the barrel comes down:

Then walk into the barrel:

You will end up at the "shore"! Here you can buy a life jacket at the stand for 50 coins! You have to wear it in order to do the next part!
The next part is to assemble the boat! It should look something like this when it's done:

Cool, right?! The next part is to put on the life jacket, and waddle on over to the boat!

Once you walk on, you end up sailing across the bay, onto another island!

Walk into the entrance way, and you see the long, lost, but now found, BROWN PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cool part is, you can even adopt one! Just click the little note in the top left!

And my new pet...

Me and Coco: :D

So what do you think of all of these awesome finds, a new puffle, AND the party!? Leave me a comment, and let me know!

But until next time penguins...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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