New Message Feature on the Spy Phone!


Say WHA? NEW FEATURE!? Tell me about it!

Ok, guys, so I had a big feeling that something with EPF agents was gonna happen soon! Looks like G has been working hard, as he added a brand new feature to the EPF phone! It's kind of like texting for an agent! Here, check it out:

Cool, huh??? Now let's see what it can do!

Looks like the EPF's in trouble! Darn! We gotta help! Head on over to the Command Room, and go to the system defender station! I was wondering what that was for!

Unfortunately, you can only play this "game" if your a member... :( But here's the tutorial for you members out there!

So basically what I pick up from the training program, is that the object is to destroy the enemy bots! Click on a cannon on the top of the screen and roll your mouse around the screen until it turns green! Click that area, and the cannon will appear! This will shoot any bots trying to come through! And when you disable all the bots...

Congratulations! You defeated the bots! Nice work, penguins!

Waddle on Agents!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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