Interface CRAZY Exclusive!!

Hey guys!

So today, I have some pretty cool news to share with my fellow penguins! So, as you can tell I have a HUGE passion for graphics! So, as I was looking around for cool pictures to put in my next one, I came across a super awesome link! This was a sort of "secret link" stored away in Club Penguins worldwide internet files! (No, I didn't hack! That'd be wrong!! :D) Anyway, check out what was on it!

This means that this is everything you will see when you go on Club Penguin! Now, before you go all: "But Shringo!!! That's so BOORRING!!!", let me tell you the part that really caught my eye! Check it out:

Now what IS that??? What does the question mark do??? I have a feeling this is gonna be a pretty cool turnout! I wonder what's going to become of it?! Let me know in the comments! I would really like to see what you think!

But, until next time penguins...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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  1. There's also an alarm clock in the upper right hand corner =O
    Maybe it'll show us how long we've been on, or remind us of things we'd otherwise forgotten!


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