Happy77 Talks Brown Puffles!

Hey all!

Recently, Happy77, a main moderator for Club Penguin, interviewed the brown puffle artist!

Awesome, huh??? Those can be noticed as the brown puffle actions! Maybe that's what they were originally, before the brown puffle actually came! Anyway, here's the stuff Happy found out about!

Q. Tell me some cool facts about the brown puffle!
A: Well, I'm sure you've noticed brown puffles love to invent stuff. Their inventions don't always work too well, but that doesn't stop them.
Brown puffles are very smart and focused, and like to observe the world around them. They're always looking for new ideas.
Q. I like the brown puffle's goggles. Why do they wear them?
A: It's always 'safety first' with brown puffles. They even wear goggles when they eat and sleep!
Q. Do brown puffles have anything to do with Protobot?
A: Hmm... I'm not sure. Brown puffles do like machines...
Q. My brown puffle ran away! How do I adopt another one?
A: Sorry to hear that! In February you'll be able to adopt another brown puffle in the Pet Shop. We just need enough of them to follow us out of the wild.

AWESOME!!! I really like the brown puffle, in that he's kinda like me; kinda nerdy, but super focused on the main goal. What do you like about the brown puffle?! Tell me what you think in a comment with your penguin name, and you could be in next weeks post! :D

Well, until then...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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