Coins For Change- RESULTS!!

Hey guys!!

So, if you have been reading the community blog lately, you will have realized that they have released the results to Coins For Change! It is unbelievable how much money we raised this year, by donating our own coins, to great causes! We raised over 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!! How crazy is that?!

You could buy either:

-100,000 plush toys
-166,666 Puffle plush toys
-142,857 Mix n match playsets
-250,000 Puffle key-chains!

But, we did the right thing, and decided to donate that money to causes all around the world, such as Building Safe Places, Protecting the Earth, and Providing Medical Help! Here is a video on all this:

Awesome, huh?! I think it is so great that penguins all over the world take the time out to donate, and help people ALL over the WORLD!!

Well penguins, Keep giving!

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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