New play at the stage!

Hey all!

So, today, waddling 'round the island, I found that there is going to be some different entertainment going on, on the island, because there is a new play at the stage! They have finally brought back "Ruby and the Ruby"!

Basically, this play is about a penguin named Ruby, who has her ruby stolen!! Luckily Jacque Hammer is there to help! He saves her and the Ruby, and rids the island of chaos!

One of the reasons I love this play, is because it was one of the first plays that went on at the stage; and it kinda brings back memories. It also gives me motivation to solve any mysteries that could be going on... :O

Anyways, I also really like the set-up for this play! Its so cool!

Isn't it awesome?! I like the way it's all black and white, except for the penguins!

Well penguins, that all for now!

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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