New Club Penguin "Buying Items" Glitch?!?!?

Hey all!

So, if you've been on Club Penguin at all today, trying to buy a bunch of items from the new catalog, you might have realized a NEW glitch! This one's not just strange, but kinda aggrivating as well! You see, I was online with my friend Seace, and we were both trying to buy the "Gingerbread" outfit! It was 400 coins, and I had 404. The problem was that when I tried to buy it, it said I didn't have enough coins! Here are some pictures:

These were my coins:

And when I clicked: "Yes, I want to buy this", it said:

So then you may ask: "But how do I fix this problem?" Well I have an answer!

All you need to do this:

1. Log Off

2. Log back in

3. Eat a hot dog... 

4. Don't do step 3

5. Earn some more coins

6. Go to the catalog

7. Shop away!

Well Club Penguin, I hope you find a way to fix this issue, but in the mean time...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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