Holiday Party BACK IN TOWN!!

Hey all!

So, today, there seemed to be lots of commotion about what Club Penguin was going to be doing this year, and when they were going to be doing it, but we eventually found out! Club penguin has decorated quite amazing this year, and I LOVE the way they redid the town especially!

Another thing that's pretty cool about this year, is Santa's Sleigh! They have finally brought it back from last year!

So, click "Go there" and you will end up here:

Now enter the room that says: Santas Sled, and you will end up at a HUGE sled!! You have the chane to earn a prize here, but you can't win unless you deliver all the presents first! To do this, all you have to do, is push the red button right next to the big "Present Release" sign, right before a chimney comes up. Like so:

And once you have delivered all of the presents, (15), you have to look real fast to the top right of the screen, and you'll see a bag! Click on it, and Vwala! 

Awesome, huh?! I have always wanted to see Santas actual Bag!!!! :D

So, in my next post, I will focus more on the arriving of ROCKHOPPER!!!! 

But for now...

Happy Holidays!

And as Santa would say himself; 

Ho, ho, ho; Merry Christmas!


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