Free Items, and Secrets Paths!

Hey all!

So, here you are, at the party, waddlin around, and you say: "Hmm... I know Shringo already gave me the cheats for the snow globe pin, and gave me a tour of the holiday party, but where is the cool stuff?!"
Well, I have your answer!

You see, Club Penguin actually did release a new FREE item! In fact, it's super rare!

A little history on this item, is that it was originally brought to Club Penguin in around 2006 or 2007, and was released at the holiday party THEN! Many lucky penguins got this item, but hasn't been seen since! Finally, this item is the:

REINDEER ANTLERS!!! To obtain this item, just click "Yes" once you walk over to the box of them, and BOOM, you have it!! Awesome!

The next thing I wanted to show you guys, is a secret path! This is pretty easy to get to. All you have to do, is go the town, and then walk over here:

You will then end up here!

Have fun!

And until next time,

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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