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Hey all!

So, if you have been waddlin' you penguin flippers around the island at all lately, you may have realized all that is going on to prepare for the holidays, and Coins for Change!

So, I just happened to be reading the community blog earlier, and saw I terrific answer to last week's question they asked! The question was:

What will you do to raise donations for Coins For Change?

And Joyceful said:

I am a tour guide so each year when CFC comes along, I do a "Coins for Change Tour" which takes people to games and then to CFC pots. They donate to each pot and then I thank them for making a difference. I squeeze donating into touring for the perfect Holiday combo!!!

That's great, Joyceful! You know, in all of my years of playing Club Penguin, I haven't seen anyone do anything like that to donate! Nice job!

So, anyway, as I read on, I noticed that they asked a NEW question! Here it is:

What are you doing to celebrate the holidays in your own home?

Well, to tell you one thing, I am soon going to put up my Christmas tree, and already put up most of the lights on my house! It looks great, and I really look forward to seeing others houses being decorated around the neighborhood!

But, I would like to know the same thing as Club Penguin! What are you doing to decorate/get ready for the holidays? Whether it's spending time with family, decorating the house, or putting up a tree, tell me what you think! Just put a response in the comments section below, and maybe you could be featured in the next post!

Well, until next time, my penguin readers,

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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