Coins For Change Donating Glitch, and Free Stamps!

Hey all!

So, check this out: I was just waddlin' around Club Penguin earlier, and was all ready to donate a bunch of coins to Coins For Change! I was just kidding around, and tried to donate 5,000 coins: (I didn't have 5,000 coins!)

And when I tried to, it said I needed more coins, but I could still donate! It even gave me two stamps!

Cool, huh? So I wonder how long it's gonna take for the CP Team to realize that this is happening! This is where you come in; leave me a comment below, and tell me what your input is on this, and why you think its happening! Is it on purpose? Did CP mean to make this happen? Are they just oblivious to it? Tell me!

Well, until next time...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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  1. SRHINGO I DID THE SAME AND KEPT ON CLIKING 50000 five times for each one- FIGR1


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