Hey all!

So, yes, I know this is late in my CP blogging "career" for this, but I have decided to make a deal with all of you here! So, I have decided that since I have a large quantity of penguins coming to my site all day, everyday, I think it would be nice to help support eachother! My goal in doing this, is to make the undiscovered, discovered! Here is how it works in 3 easy steps!

1. Add any banner from Support Shringo. (<----- Click to visit!)

2. Contact me on twitter, or in a comment on THIS site, to tell me that you have done so.

3. I will tell you then what openings I have to put your banner or adspace on Club Penguin Party!

Cool, huh? I hope to make this a big success, and will help me AND you out!

Well, until next time...
Waddle On!
And as always...
See ya around CP!


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