Card-Jitsu Water- CONFIRMED! (For Sure)

Hey all!

Well, you heard it! Card-Jitsu: Water, is finally coming to the island! Check out a NEW video I found!

Pretty sweet, huh? Well also, if you didn't catch it, Sensei has a NEW outfit! (Hehe that sounds funny...) But honestly, this one's the best one yet in my opinion! Look!

Plus, at the end of the video, it makes all of us absolutely sure that Water is coming! 

Hmmmmm... I think everyone can say they are JUST as excited as me! They even showed us what the new Dojo is going to look like! Check it out!

WOW! How COOL is that? So you wanna know how to get in? Here's how:

First, go to the ninja hideout, and waddle on over to the big hole in the center of the room! Like this:

So, let's get to the questions!

-I really wonder how you have to qualify to be a "Card-Jitsu: Water" master. Will you have to be a ninja first? or a fire ninja?

-What's the suit going to look like? Is it going to look like the Sensei's? Because that's what seemed to happen with "Card-Jitsu: Fire!"! That would be AWESOME, because as I mentioned, the Sensei's suit is SO cool!

-Will "Card-Jitsu: Water" and "Card-Jitsu: Fire!" be able to battle eachother??? How sweet would that be!?It would be interesting to find that out, because water beats fire...

Do you have an answer/suggestion to any of these questions? Then just drop me a comment on this post, with your penguin name, and what you think, and let me know! I would LOVE to know what you think!

But for now,

Waddle On!

And as always...

See ya around CP!

-Shringo, Club Penguin Party President

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